Sketchup Roadmap

Week of April 2, Obstacle Course

Students will design and navigate a virtual obstacle course using SketchUp, enhancing your spatial reasoning, design skills, and familiarity with 3D modeling tools. 

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Video Instructions:
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Week of March 18, Pet House

What type of Pet House did you decide to make? A home for a snake? Or a fish? Or a typical house pet? The choice is yours.

Video Instructions in Q4 Playlist

TEAMS ASSIGNMENT "Sketchup Pet House" 400 POINTS

Week of March 11, Cell Phone

In a unique SketchUp project at your middle school, you were tasked with designing your own cell phone, blending creativity with practical skills. This challenge introduced you to the world of 3D modeling, industrial design, and technology, pushing you to think about aesthetics, functionality, and user experience. Through this project, you not only honed your problem-solving and digital literacy skills but also applied math and science in a real-world context. It was a hands-on opportunity to explore innovation and teamwork, preparing you to be a future innovator and problem solver.
Video Instructions in Q3 Playlist
TEAMS ASSIGNMENT "Sketchup Phone Checklist,"400 POINTS